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Gamelan Giri Jaya - Toowoomba, Australia.

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Phone: 07 46347568 AH
Ph./Fax: 07 46320439 BH

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We regret to announce that as of September 2008 we are no longer available for performances due to many members leaving the region. We would be very happy to receive your emails about gamelan in general, and we redirect you to the 'links' page for information about other gamelans in Australia and overseas.


Membership is open to all members of the community of any age or musical background & tuition is available to new members. The membership base continually changes as members move to new jobs or study outside of Toowoomba etc. so there is always the opportunity for new members to learn & perform the music.

As the group is a non profit organization no payment is made to members except for reimbursement of expenses. All monies raised from performances, membership etc. go towards the clubs expenses such as insurance, council rates for the club house, maintenance of the instruments etc.

Membership fees are $20 per year ($10 students/unemployed) & a rehearsal fee of $2 per week goes towards the general expenses of the club house.

Rehearsal times are generally
Thursday 5.30-7 pm
Sunday 10.30 am -12.00 pm

Rehearsal are held at 3 Cress Street Toowoomba at the Gamelan's club house which was purchased in 2000 and renovated by club members.

Benefits of membership.

Following are some quotes from members from a survey asking 'What are the main reasons you have for being involved with Gamelan Giri Jaya?'

  • 'Love of Music"
  • 'Strong connection with Balinese culture '
  • 'Social Interaction'
  • 'The joy of being involved in a performing group'
  • 'Sense of achievement'
  • 'The chance for my daughter to be involved with music'
  • 'Sense of community involvement'
  • 'Share culture of Bali with others'
  • 'Friendship with like minded people'
  • 'Opportunity to continue contact with Balinese people & culture while in Australia" (Balinese member)
  • 'Interest in Indonesian culture'
  • 'Sounds & rhythms have taken up residence in my blood stream'
  • 'Gamelan is a friendly, social, humorous gathering of people'
  • 'The folk within the Gamelan reflect the nicest qualities of decency, generosity, & honesty'
  • 'Opportunity to not only perform at festivals but to enjoy the other music e.g. Woodford Folk Festival'
  • 'The absolute joy & adrenalin rush which comes from playing in front of a large appreciative audience'
  • 'The satisfaction that comes from playing to a high standard after hours and hours of rehearsal'
  • 'The many opportunities to enjoy Indonesian food that come from connections with other Indonesians living in Australia'
  • 'The satisfaction that comes from teaching new members the necessary skills to be part of the performing group'
  • 'The chance to have many contacts in Bali to make trips there even more enjoyable'